Durham Law Firm

Bruce has spent over 40 years practicing in Durham.

In 2017 Bruce Hoof began Bruce Hoof Law after having been a partner for 27 years in Hoof Hughes Law, PLLC, a firm he founded in 1989 as Poe, Hoof & Reinhardt. 

Bruce’s experience and legal acumen have made him a highly skilled, creative and successful practitioner in the multifaceted, multilayered field of civil litigation. The term “trial lawyer” is inadequate to describe the skill set required to be a civil litigator. That is because the effective and successful representation of clients in civil litigation matters requires an attorney with much broader capabilities including knowledge of the details and nuances of each of those various phases of the multifaceted processes of civil proceedings and understanding of and skill at utilizing the procedural and evidentiary complexities inherent in every such stage of civil litigation. Bruce’s extensive practice of civil litigation has covered the widest variety of civil matters, although principally concentrating in insurance defense and the representation of personal injury claimants. His skills as a civil practitioner have enabled him to reliably obtain optimal results for his clients in both defense of claims against insurance companies and their insureds and in recovering compensation for personal injury claimants.

His experience as an insurance defense attorney has actually enhanced his ability to represent personal injury plaintiffs. This is because his representation of liability insurance companies has frequently involved Bruce in those insurers’ evaluations of personal injury claims they hired him to defend, thereby making him become familiar with how those insurance companies’ claims departments evaluate personal injury claims. That understanding allows Bruce to accurately project how insurance companies will respond to his clients’ personal injury claims and has thereby equipped him to more effectively advocate those claims. Additionally, Bruce’s defense of personal injury claims often requires significant study of medical literature and medical records and frequently includes his consultation with, and deposing of, medical experts. By that experience Bruce has acquired an unusually sophisticated level of medical knowledge with regard to physical conditions frequently presented with personal injuries. He has been able to utilize that medical understanding to maximize recoveries he has made for his personal injury clients.